[Important] Agreement of WARL at Check-in(10/5)

Upon the check-in of Nash Hash, everyone must agree on AWRL.
This is quite important for all the participants enjoy this event each other.
Please read this document in advance, and understand its content upon event check in.

Japan Nash Hash 2018 Activity Waiver and Release Liability(AWRL)

Announcement for Participants(9/27)

Just one weeks to Nash Hash Zen-NippOn-On 2018!
All Mis-Management and Hares is waiting for your arrival with Wonderful Trails and a lot of beers!
There are following important announcements. Please read through.

(1)Meeting Time and transportation of Oct 6th

There are just One direct train per hour from Osaka, Kyoto to Makino.
Following train is the Hash Train for you.
Please DO NOT Miss the hash train to join welcome run on time.
**Osaka Station: leave at 10:15am Special Rapid Train bound for Tsuruga via Kosei-line.
**Kyoto Station: leave at 10:45am Special Rapid Train bound for Tsuruga via Kosei-line.(same train as above)
Meeting time is 12:30pm, Welcome Run start at 13:00.
Since the meeting point is Makino Station, There is no place to changing cloths.
Please board on the hash train with putting on hash run gears for Welcome Run.

(2)What to bring

We recommend to bring following stuffs.
*Tooth Brush: There are no amenities like Tooth Brash at the hotel.
*Big Towel(Bath towel):Sport towel is included on haberdashery, but there are no Big Towel for bath.
*Flash Light: the run is held at daytime. But in case if you lost the way in the mountain we recommend to bring flash light or head lamp especially Long or Ball Breaker challenger.

(3)Travel Accident Insurance

*Mis-Management team is highly taking care about the safety of participants. But please note that we do not take any responsibility or liability for any damage, injury, sick or loss caused through Nash Hash events. Please make yourself covered travel Accident insurance by your own cost and responsiblity.
Also we highly recommend do bring health insurance card preparing for injury or sick.

(4)Costume Theme for Party

*Makino is the place of a lot of nature where wild animal like deer or monkey is living. Also Makino is located at the north of Lake Biwa-ko, the largest lake in Japan where a lot of aqutic animal or fish lives.
The theme of Costume of this year is "Creatures". Any creature is OK.
Please bring your wonderful costume. we plan to have contest on Saturday Night!

(5)Hash Bazzar

We are planning to held Hash Bazzar on Saturday(6th) evening.
Anyone can sell or buy the goods or services hash related.
If you would like to Open your shop at the timing please contact to Mis-Management at jnh2018mm@h3jp.stars.ne.jp . To notify what you would like to sell.
We will prepare the space for you.

Official Facebook Group opened!(6/2)

Japan Nash Hash Zen-NippOn-On 2018 Official Group
Prepared the Facebook official page which is for exchange useful information related Nash Hash between participants and share the event photos.
Update information is also posted relate to this site. please join the Facebook Group as well!

Hash Acts!(5/16)

Nash Hash is where hashers from all over the world join each other to enjoy an event we produce ourselves.?
We will hold parties in the evenings of day 1 and day 2 and are looking for hashers and hash groups who can do something to entertain us.
? Do you have a hash act? Can you sing or play music? Do you know any party games? Anything is OK!
Please contact Mis-Management asap!


Email us at: jnh2018mm@h3jp.stars.ne.jp