Registration and Payment

Regular Registration has already closed.
If you have any questions, contact Mis-Management at:

Please complete payment within a few days of registration.?
If you complete registration and payment by August 15th, your hash name will appear on some items of haberdashery.?(If you fail to pay by August 15th, due to order deadlines your hash name will not be printed.)
All bank surcharges, PayPal money transfer fee (4.7%) has to be paid by participants.
If the amount we receive is too little, the balance will be collected at check-in.

Payment method 1: Bank transfer

Bank Name: SHINSEI BANK, LTD. (新生銀行)
Branch Name: UMEDA BRANCH (770) (梅田支店)
Account Number: Saving 0457445
Account Name: SHINICHI KUSAKABE (クサカベ シンイチ)
Pay Amount Regular : 32,000JPY (All bank charges must be paid by the participant.)
Pay Amount Early Bird : 29,000JPY (All bank charges must be paid by the participant.)
Bank Address:
Swift Code: LTCBJPJT (HED)

Bank transfer from outside Japan takes time till Confirmation. So please notify your payment to (JNH2018 Mis-Management). 

Payment method 2: PayPal

PayPal Recepient Mail address:

Regular Rego Amount with PayPal:
   33,500JPY(32,000+1,500 for Paypal handling Fee)