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No.Hash NameReal NameHome KennelPayment StatusHab Size & Name
1 Slimie Limie Martyn Weeks Kansai Leap Year Time H3 Bank(XL) Slimie Limie
2 Enjoy Kosai EMI MURAI Finally Friday Fukov H3 Bank(M) Enjoy Kosai
3 Burning Bush Ai Kamada Samurai H3 Bank(S) Burning Bush
4 Something Gay Kenichi Onishi Samurai H3 Bank(L) Something Gay
5 Kiss My Ass Chung-Yuan Yang Taipei Night Trail H3(Taiwan) PayPal(L) Kiss My Ass
6 Sucks Yung Jen Chang Taipei Night Trail H3(Taiwan) PayPal(M) Sucks
7 DILDO Jennifer Koizumi Okinawa H3 Not Confirmed(S) DILDO
8 NONE Hui Ling Lien Taipei Night Trail H3(Taiwan) PayPal(M) [Hui Ling Lien]
9 Khuming Rouge Kaoru SUZUKI Tokyo H3 Bank(L) Khuming Rouge
10 None Min-Han Wu Taipei Night Trail H3(Taiwan) PayPal(L) [Min-Han Wu]
11 Touch me Chin Tung Hsiao Taipei Night Trail H3(Taiwan) PayPal(M) Touch me
12 Pink Fundoshi Tadashi Nakaminami Kinky Fully Mooned H3 Bank(XL) Pink Fundoshi
13 ahocked WENLUNG KAN Taipei Night Trail H3(Taiwan) PayPal(XXXL) ahocked
14 None Mie hong Kuo Taipei Night Trail H3(Taiwan) PayPal(S) [Mie hong Kuo]
15 None Pei - Chun Chiang Taipei Night Trail H3(Taiwan) PayPal(M) [Pei - Chun Chiang]
16 Swallow man Jia-Ciao Liang Taipei Night Trail H3(Taiwan) PayPal(XL) Swallow man
17 Occhan Hole Hunter Toshio Ochi Kinky Fully Mooned H3 Bank(L) Occhan Hole Hunter
18 None Chinmin Yang Taipei Night Trail H3(Taiwan) PayPal(M) [Chinmin Yang]
19 Gas Mask CHIH-HUANG Chen Taipei Night Trail H3(Taiwan) PayPal(M) Gas Mask
20 None Yi Chen wU Taipei Night Trail H3(Taiwan) PayPal(XXXL) [Yi Chen wU]
21 Stell Ass Hole EHR-HUNG Lin Taipei Night Trail H3(Taiwan) PayPal(XL) Stell Ass Hole
22 None Hui Wan Chen Taipei Night Trail H3(Taiwan) PayPal(L) [Hui-Wan Chen]
23 1 potato 2 potato 3 potato tranny TEMELL BUGGS Okinawa H3 Not Confirmed(XXL) 1 potato 2 potato 3 potato tranny
24 Delhi Belly Masahiro Watanabe Kinky Fully Mooned H3 /Kyoto H3 /JNH2018 Bank(L) Delhi Belly
25 So Cute Jocelyn Chew Solstice Hash On Tour (Malaysia) PayPal(S) So Cute
26 Douche burrito Luke Crooks Samurai H3 PayPal(XL) Douche burrito
27 Semen Trophy Hentunen Jukka Kinky Fully Mooned H3 Bank(L) Semen Trophy
28 Sexy Fitness Yumiko YAMADA Finally Friday Fukov H3 Bank(S) Sexy Fitness
29 Dances with Sheep SHIN KOBATAKE Kinky Fully Mooned H3 /Kyoto H3 Bank(L) Dances with Sheep
30 Maybe Rachel Tsai Formosa H3(Taiwan) PayPal(S) Maybe
31 No Rebyck Peng China H3(Taiwan) PayPal(XXXL) [Rebyck Peng]
32 Chemical Smile Hiroko Ohta Osaka H3 Bank(XS) Chemical Smile
33 三八雞 natsuo oshima Tbh3 Bank(XL) 三八雞
34 Leebedo BongYeong Lee NagoyaH3 Bank(M) Leebedo
35 Bunter Shinichi Kusakabe Kobe H3 Bank(XL) Bunter
36 Ero Massage Terumasa Ohta Osaka H3 Bank(XL) Ero Massage
37 Erection Chin Eric Chin Su siong Miri H3 (Malaysia) PayPal(M) Erection Chin
38 Gearbox fucker Timothy Lim choon leng Miri H3 (Malaysia) PayPal(XXL) Gearbox fucker
39 Second Hand Job Yukie Momose Tokyo Ladies H3 /Square H3 PayPal(S) Second Hand Job
40 Specialist Chai Chai yew fun Miri H3 (Malaysia) PayPal(XXL) Specialist Chai
41 The Quaker John Wilson Kinky Fully Mooned H3 Bank(XXXL) The Quaker
42 Chewcaca Dan Singer Samurai H3 Bank(XL) Chewcaca
43 Pirates Dream Orie Singer Samurai H3 Bank(L) Pirates Dream
44 Daikon Do Me! Hatsuki Shimizu Nagoya H3 Bank(S) Daikon Do Me!
45 Incomplete Erection Tom Shimmin Siam Sunday H3 (Thailand) Bank(XXL) Incomplete Erection
46 Hot Lips Kittanya Simsa Siam Sunday H3 (Thailand) Bank(M) Hot Lips
47 なっしゅ とらっしゅ Fumi Tanaka Fuk-U-Oka-Y H3 /Sasebo H3 /Iwakuni WS H3 PayPal(XS) なっしゅ とらっしゅ
49 Queen la queefa Harue Nagami Samurai H3 PayPal(M) Queen la queefa
50 Vincent van Blow Kim Smith Samurai H3 PayPal(XXXL) Vincent van Blow
51 Karaoke Unicorn Nut Tugger (KUNT) Bailey Smith Okinawa H3 PayPal(XXXL) KUNT
52 Chu-Hirish Eyes Are Smiling Justin Williams Okinawa H3 PayPal(XL) Chu-Hirish Eyes Are Smiling
53 Lara Crotch ChiaoYun Yang China H3(Taiwan) Not Confirmed(XS) Lara Crotch
54 SLAP Mark Reynolds Samurai H3 Not Confirmed(XL) SLAP
55 Bi-Curious George Jeff Sargent Samurai H3 PayPal(XXXL) Bi-Curious George
56 Shuck Off! Michael Blanchard Samurai H3 PayPal(XXXL) Shuck Off!
57 Koumon de Gozaru 黄門で御座る Eric Warner Sake H3 PayPal(XXL) 黄門で御座る
58 Tunnel of Love Yumi Ramos Samurai H3 Not Confirmed(XS) Tunnel of Love
59 World Wide Whore Jose Ramos Samurai H3 Not Confirmed(L) World Wide Whore
60 Susukino Poodle Yoshiko Kuwata Sumo H3 Not Confirmed(M) Susukino Poodle
61 なし Yukio Moriguchi Kinky Fully Mooned H3 Bank(M) [Yukio Moriguchi]
62 None Hui-Wan Chen Taipei Night Trail H3(Taiwan) Not Confirmed(L) [Hui-Wan Chen]
63 Shit on My Face Mike Faas Samurai H3 Bank(XXL) Shit on My Face
64 Faceballs HIDENORI MIYAMOTO Tokyo Ladies H3 Bank(L) Faceballs
65 Dickasso Paul Sprigg Iwakuni White Snake H3 Not Confirmed(XL) Dickasso
66 Little Boy Nick Edwards Yangon H3 (Myanmar) PayPal(XXXL) Little Boy
67 Kick My Balls Tamotsu Kikkawa Sumo H3 Bank(XL) Kick My Balls
68 Narita Cheetah Yuko Kikkawa Sumo H3 Bank(M) Narita Cheetah
69 Drowning in Cum Chien-Yu Huang China H3(Taiwan) Not Confirmed(S) Drowning in Cum
70 Itchy Scratchy Setsuko Fujikawa Okinawa H3 Bank(M) Itchy Scratchy
71 Ass Mechanic YASUHIRO IKEGAMI Okinawa H3 Not Confirmed(XXL) Ass Mechanic
72 No name TOMOYO FUMOTO Kinky Fully Mooned H3 Bank(S) [Tomoyo Fumoto]
73 Akage (赤毛) George Thomson Sasebo H3 PayPal(XL) 赤毛
74 DEKKAIMONO AKIKO KOJIMA Tokyo Tuesday Thursday Holiday H3 / Tokyo Ladies H3 Bank(S) DEKKAIMONO
75 Monsoon Poon Sarah Faris Okinawa H3 PayPal(M) Monsoon Poon
76 Khlong Dump Bengt Gothlin Bangkok H3 (Thailand) Bank(L) Khlong Dump
78 LT Dan the Swing Bang Man Alan Trang Okinawa H3 PayPal(XL) LT Dan the Swing Bang Man
79 Xie Xie Poo Poo Mieko Suzuki Finally Friday Fukov H3 Not Confirmed(XS) Xie Xie Poo Poo
80 Vagina Monitor Yumi Iisaka Finally Friday Fukov H3 Not Confirmed(XS) Vagina Monitor
81 Rock My Wiener Schnitzel Eddy Almand Finlly Friday Fukov H3 Not Confirmed(L) Rock My Wiener Schnitzel
82 Virginia Slim Jim Eller Bangkok H3 (Thailand) PayPal(L) Virginia Slim
83 AGOGO CHIU LING LI Taipei Night Trail H3(Taiwan) Bank(XL) AGOGO
84 The Mulla Rasul Kiarashi Tokyo H3 Bank(XXL) The Mulla
85 Tittie Taki Nastassia Michael Okinawa H3 Not Confirmed(M) Tittie Taki
86 Menstrual Disorder Jessa Duffy Pattaya Jungle H3 (Thailand) Not Confirmed(XS) Menstrual Disorder
87 Mental Disorder Philip Duffy Pattaya Jungle H3 (Thailand) Not Confirmed(XXL) Mental Disorder

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Hash NameHome Kennel
Snoopy(Osamu Nishida)Kyoto Hash House Harriers
Pocket pussy(Vanessa Reynoso)Okinawa H3